Place your codes in first position

Frequently asked questions

What is AutoPilot?

AutoPilot is a feature that place you code in the first position of the company page referral codes listing, allowing you to maximise your ranking and increase your referral rewards. When a code is on AutoPilot, we position it above all the normal codes on the company page. We also set the last updated time to the current time so that it always says that your code is recently updated. In addition you will have a small badge "AutoPilot" next to your referral code.

How to configure an AutoPilot?

First step if to select the number of days you want to set for each code, a box a the bottom of the page will indicate the total price for the configuration. When you finish your configuration simply click on the button displaying the total price. You will arrive on a confirmation page stating all your codes and the related numbers of days they will be on AutoPilot. Click on 'Pay' to proceed to the payment. When we receive the validation for your payment, we will activate the AutoPilot.

What happens when multiple codes are on AutoPilot for the same company?

It is possible that multiple codes are on AutoPilot for the same company. In this case, we display all the AutoPilot codes in the first positions, and all the normal codes after. All the AutoPilot codes are randomly sorted every time someone view the company page. This allow all AutoPilot codes to have the same chances to be displayed in the first position

How much does an AutoPilot cost?

The price of AutoPilot depends for each companies and may vary a lot over time. We have an algorithm that estimate the adequate price by using the average views for the company and the rewards offered by each programs. When you configure your AutoPilot we simply multiply the current daily AutoPilot price with the number of days you selected.

What happens when my AutoPilot period is over?

When your AutoPilot is finished, we will send you an email where we let you know that your AutoPilot is finished and your code will be back to the normal behaviour. You will then be able to configure a new AutoPilot if you want.

Are AutoPilot codes counted in the last 24h position statistics?

No! It does not make sense to include your AutoPilot codes ranking in the statistics as they will be displayed in the first positions. But AutoPilot codes are counted in the total views count.

Can I use AutoPilot multiple times?

Yes! It is possible to renew an AutoPilot as soon as the previous AutoPilot period is finished. And you can use AutoPilot for each of your codes at the same time if you want.

Can I be refunded for my AutoPilot?

We do not offer a refund for AutoPilot days that have been consumed. If you made a mistake in the configuration or want to be refunded for days not yet consumed, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

What is the average daily traffic?

The average daily traffic is an estimate of the number of unique visitors landing on the company page. This value is calculated by doing an average of the traffic over the past 7 days. This value is an estimation and we cannot guarantee it, we filter visitors by IP address to avoid counting duplicate impressions. Variations in the page rank can drastically change the traffic on a company page

More questions?

If you have more questions regarding the AutoPilot send us a message by clicking on the Facebook Messenger bubble present on our website homepage